Most of us are malnourished because we're NOT getting the Essential Nutrients we must get on a daily basis from FOOD...
Narration by Peter Castleman, Founder/Chairman - Yevo International and Nutrient Foods
YEVO Essential Nutrient
Food Company goes MLM

Chip MarsLand's
REVEAL Presentation - 11/15/2014

Dr Stacey Bell's
REVEAL Presentation - 11/15/2014

Chip MarsLand's - Head of R&D

Introducing Yevo Foods

Yevo - Reversing 100 years of processed foods.

What are essential nutrients?

Our Credo


Scientific Advisory Board

Chip Marsland - Head R&D/ Product Formulator
A world-renowned food scientist who possesses distinguished accomplishments in nutrition supplementation methods. Chip's life mission is to create a legacy based on changing and reversing the continual degradation of the global diet. You may be familiar with some of his formulas from "The ZONE Diet" and similar successful products. For our company Yevo, Chip has teamed with nutrition professors from Harvard, Yale and UC Davis, as well as top celebrity chefs from The Food Network. The goal of this exceptional collaboration? - To create the highest quality, healthiest and tastiest food on the planet.
Peter Castleman - Chairman of the Board / Co-Owner
Graduated from Duke University, at the top of his class in Economics. He became a Professor at Harvard before transitioning to highly-reputable firms on Wall Street, culminating in becoming the Managing Partner at Whitney Capital Equity Group. Under Peter's astute leadership the firm acquired North Face Outerwear Company as it was going bankrupt and turned it into a company achieving $3 billion in annual revenues. North Face was sold for a substantial return on investment. Peter created similar success stories with many other companies, including Igloo. He started and grew a Chinese herbal company to $50 million annually which he then sold to NuSkin. NuSkin ramped up yearly sales to almost $1 billion, opening Peter's eyes to the power of network marketing. Four years after Mark Hughes, the founder of Herbalife, passed away, Peter encouraged his partners at Whitney to team up with Golden Gate Capital to purchase Herbalife at a time it was producing $700 million per year. Within five years, with Peter as the Chairman of the Board, Herbalife grew to over $3 Billion in annual revenues. Peter eventually sold his interest in Herbalife for an estimated $850 million. Since then, Peter has dreamed of starting his own network marketing company, with its own culture and mission, to positively impact the world health in even greater ways. That dream is becoming a reality with the launch of Yevo.
David Brown - Chief Executive Officer /Co-Owner
Possesses over 20 years of experience as a corporate lawyer and President/CEO in the nutritional industry, as well as serving as a member of several boards for nutrition research organizations. David has served as CEO of Metabolife and as President of Natural Balance. Most recently, David was the CEO of a NASDAQ-listed network marketing company that achieved a 300% per year growth rate under David's leadership ($11M 1st year, $38.9M 2nd year, $126M 3rd year.) He voluntarily retired from that position in 2013 when the vision of the board of directors changed.
Jason Domingo - Master Distributor / Co-Owner
Over 20 years experience in leading international teams as the Master Distributor of renowned network marketing companies. He has consistently led companies to achieve revenues in excess of $200 million per year, most recently with LifeVantage. Jason exemplifies the highest integrity in words and actions. Jason will guide a corporate culture that is rooted in these same standards of integrity, and is distributor-focused with the acknowledgement that people are the company's greatest resource.
Kirby Zenger - Chief Architect Officer
Appointed as LifeVantage's Executive Vice President - General Manager in February 2009, and served as the Chief Operating Officer from June 2009 until June 2012, when he then became the Chief of Network Officer. Previously, from April 2007 until Febuary 2009, Kirby served as Executive VP / General Manager for Zrii LLC, another international network marketing company. He was integral in the architecture and strategic development of the Zrii business plan. In 2006, he served a Vice President of Global Sales for Young Living Essential Oils and from 2004 to 2006, he was General Manager of North America for Synergy Worldwide, a subsidiary of Nature's Sunshine, a publicly traded direct selling company. Kirby's demonstrated achievements in strategic planning and leadership development provides a strong foundation for our company Yevo.
Gene Tipps - Chief Operations Officer
Experience in building comprehensive operations backbones for multi-million dollar direct selling companies, both domestically and abroad (Tahitian Noni, Agel, Zrii, LifeVantage), has made him sought-after expert across the industry. Gene has lived and developed markets in many lucrative areas of the globe including Latin America, Europe and Asia. Coupled with his extensive familiarity with nutritional products, Gene's worldwide operations background makes him perfect general to command and direct a global operations team focused on demanding systems requirements, quality products, on-time deliveries and consistent inventories.
Ben Seeman - Chief Sales Officer
Was the Vice President of Sales at LifeVantage from 2009-2014 where he coached, trained and inspired his team to produce over $200 million per year in revenues. Prior to LifeVantage, Ben was responsible in managing $90 million in accounts for Metabolife International, and was Sr. Sales Director and Vice President of sales for Bear Naked Granola and Naturade, Inc respectively. In each position Ben opened new channels of distribution resulting in many millions of dollars in increased sales.

Yevo Compensation Plan

Art Meakin's Public Review-Synopsis-Explanation
Yevo International Compensation Plan

(Please note this is copyrighted © 2014 material by Art Meakin 20141124.1 and can be used as long as it is used in its entirety and the author is acknowledged. Also, note that this is not a company approved or authorized explanation or review of the Yevo compensation plan. However, the author has the 1st Amendment Right to share his thoughts and opinions on the plan.)

Down below is the current compensation plan chart. To the best of my knowledge and confirmed information from Corp executives what is in the chart and review is as accurate and up-to-date as I can make it at this time. Thanks for your attention and patience while reading this review/explanation. I will share my thoughts on this compensation plan from my own perspective and somewhat from the company's perspective. As many of you know I am a MAJOR critic of MLM Network Marketing Pay-Plans. I am going to do my best to be unbiased here but please remember I am human and I am biased... especially since I like this company, the people, the product, and the mission.


In terms of an overall description of this plan it is what is referred to by veterans in the industry as a Hybrid UniGen... a unilevel with a generational bonus. There are a couple of really nice features to the plan which I will get to shortly.

If I were to be asked how I would rate the plan on a scale of 1-10... it would be in 6.5 range which is better than most. Please understand that I am a very very strict and extremely critical reviewer of compensation plans... I rarely give a pay-plan a rating above a 5 so... 6.5 is pretty darn good considering my typical grading scale. Does it have some flaws... of course it does... all pay-plans have flaws... no plan and no company is perfect. However, some of the flaws are mitigated by a few factors which I will get into here in a few moments.

The income potential of the plan especially on the higher end of the ranks is truly phenomenal in my opinion (6-7 figure monthly incomes will be realized). Especially considering the retention factor, the acceptance and consumability factor of FOOD, and the customer gathering focus of the company and compensation plan. And because of that the income potential on the lower end of the ranks is good to great although I need to caveat that a bit... keep reading. Another factor here is the compensation plan is seamless and the same for all the countries Yevo will be officially doing business. Initially USA, then Mexico, Korea, and Japan just to name a few.

It is a breakage-based plan. What do I mean by that? No... it is NOT a breakaway type plan. It is a plan that utilizes breakage from the lower end of the plan to pay out more in the higher end of the plan. There are some inherent issues that I have with this but there are those that believe this is the way a pay-plan should be designed in order to incentivize behavior and reward those who produce commensurately; i.e. - produce a lot, get paid a lot; produce a little, get paid a little. I agree with this to some degree and the way this plan is designed it is based on older or old-school paradigms. And that’s okay... like I stated above some of what I consider to be an issue with the plan are mitigated (read on).

Overall, residually, on the low end of the plan it pays-out 5% and the high-end of the plan it pays-out 62%, therefore, paying out an average of 34%-43%. Looking at the low-bar set for most of the mid ranks... the plan will probably payout total closer to the 43% number.

Currently the plan pays-out on a 1-to-1 ratio on the wholesale dollar. There is NOT an adjusted BV or CV that is a percentage of the wholesale$ like in most plans. The PV (Personal Volume) is based on what was paid for the product at the wholesale price. This provides for easier calculating of commissions in our head and an overall payout of up to 20% more than plans with BV/CV model. I say "currently" at the beginning of this paragraph as many 1-to-1 plans eventually change to an adjusted BV/CV model due to cost-of-goods, inflation, value of the dollar, and other conditions. But for now it is 1-to-1.

Unique and Mitigating Factors - Customer Focus

  • Compared to most other compensation plans in the industry there is one MAJOR unique mitigating factor here in the Yevo plan. This plan requires PV from customers and that is a really really really really GOOD thing. 50% or more, but for sure a minimum of 50%, of the PV requirement must come from orders of customers or preferred customers. You can get to the top of the plan without spending a dime of your own money on buying product yourself. You can get to the top of the plan with customer volume alone. But, again, as a minimum 50% of your PV requirement MUST come from customers. No other company or pay-plan does this specifically that I am aware. I think it is wonderful. With the regulations and court cases and the climate of the industry it is important that a legitimate company be customer acquisition focused and to become a $20 billion plus company... customer acquisition is going to be critical aspect to this.

  • The requirement for customer volume may put some potential representatives off a bit as most MLM’s do not focus on customer acquisition... most are recruitment focused. Acquisition or gathering customers seems more like a direct-sales model than a networking model and to some degree that would be correct. But when network marketing is combined with true customer acquisition... the magic really happens. Networking companies with a customer focus have MUCH HIGHER per representative volumes... $200, $300, to $500 plus monthly volumes per rep instead of the minimum low monthly $50-$100 monthly qualifier in non-customer focused companies. And organizations with customer focus also has greater retention and stability.

  • So... how do we go about gathering and acquiring customers?? Well... with FOODs that people eat everyday... especially breakfast... it is going to be a lot easier than with a pill, potion, or lotion... in my opinion. Duuuhh!!! The company will provide sales tools and website with customer acquisition as a primary focus. And... the company may help with a program for acquiring customers. For sure... I will be putting together a Customer Acquisition Program for my team to help everyone on my team meet their customer volume requirement. Besides... I think it is going to be relatively easy to get family members and co-workers to become customers. Why?? Because they eat food right?? Hello!!!!

  • Finally with the lucrative Personal Bonus, Preferred Customer Bonus, and First 30 Day Bonus - there is A LOT of financial incentive for acquiring, gathering, and supporting customer development not only by you but for EVERYONE in your organization !! Seriously... more so than most pay-plans in the industry. With this mitigating factor alone... and with almost everyone in the downline organization focused on getting... let's say one new customer a month... wow. Think about it... you have 100 reps in your downline... each of them get one new customer per month... without ANY downline rep growth... you would have 1,200 new customers in your organization. Powerful, powerful, powerful!!

Unique and Mitigating Factors - First 30 Day Bonus

  • When you first look at the First 30 Day Bonus... you will probably NOT see the beauty and power of this bonus. This is what would typically be the equivalent of the fast-start bonus in most other plans... but with ONE very very nice caveat. Most plans pay 2-3 maybe 4 people in the upline on the orders and packages purchased by new customers and representatives in your organization. In most plans... the upline isn't paid on this new business volume... not really. The upline waits for the 2nd month orders of the new customers and reps and then they wait another month to get paid on that volume. So... most of the upline (who were the cause of the new business... it would not have happened if it was not for them) wait three(3) months to get paid on new business in their organizations. And many times the new business - new reps - new customers never place a 2nd month and subsequent orders. So the upline TOTALLY misses out. The company does not miss out nor does the closest people to the new business. But the upline misses out. So... how did Yevo solve this?? 25% of the PV of orders from new customers and reps in their first 30 days goes to the seller. 50% of the PV of those orders goes into the regular compensation plan, therefore, paying every single upline responsible for that new business... getting paid on that new business NOW... not three months from now. Very very very cool. This mitigating factor alone is noteworthy compared to 99.9% of the plans in the industry that fail to take care of the upline from new business in the downline.

  • Typically in most compensation plans... enrollment or starter packages payout differently than the rest of the plan which pays 1-2 people sometimes 3-4 at the most. Also... enrollment or starter packages... in most compensation plans... are mandatory in order to earn certain or all commissions or there are so many pay-to-play conditions surrounding buying or selling the enrollment or starter packages. Not so in Yevo. In order to be as legally compliant as possible now and in the future there are NO CONDITIONS of any kind that would cause you to have to order, buy, or sell an enrollment or starter package. The reason you would want to order a package is because you want to buy it (not because you have to buy it) for your family or to help you build your business or get a good deal on a volume purchase. Awesome. And... even on enrollment or starter packages... 25% of the CV on these packages is paid to the seller weekly and 50% of the CV of these packages is placed into the regular compensation plan. AWESOME!!!

Unique and Mitigating Factors - Unilevel Commissions

  • You know... I cannot let this part of the plan slide nor take it for granted. The Unilevel is the fairest and overall most lucrative aspect of ANY plan in the industry where EVERYONE (not just a few) can get paid well on just about any size organization. Develop three(3) active legs with 12,000 DV (60% rule) calculated to the bottom of all legs and you maximize the 7 level compressed pay-out!!! Very fair and doable... and with food as the product and the customer focus... much easier to do than in most other plans. Awesome. Would I prefer the Unilevel payout to more levels total (like 10 levels) and more levels in the lower ranks... honestly yes. But it does not and that’s just the way it is. Furthermore, would I prefer there be different requirement than DV for determining rank... of course I would... especially if you have read my articles on compensation plans. However, the mitigating factor here is the nature of the product which is food (consumability and simple sale) will be relatively easier to develop and maintain legs and volume in those legs than in most equivalent plans in the industry.

Unique and Mitigating Factors - Advancement, Team Building, and Leader Bonus

  • One of the best aspects of the Yevo Pay-Plan is the focus on developing Silvers and the strategy is brilliant.

  1. Become a Silver in your first 90 days - earn $250 Advancement Bonus.
  2. Be a Silver and help someone personally enrolled become a Silver - earn $250 Advancement Bonus Match.
  3. Be a Silver and develop legs with Silvers - earn $50 to $125 per month per leg Team Building Bonus!!!! This is awesome. Have never seen a company do this before. It is a very nice ongoing monthly bonus. Think about it. Every month you can earn an extra $50 to $125 Team Building Bonus for EACH leg you have Silver somewhere in the leg!!!! Wow. Are you going to become a Silver and help others become a Silver. Absolutely. Maybe you will add several additional Silver legs to your front-line as well just because of this bonus. Think of your downline doing the same and the potential width being built in your Unilevel organization.
  4. Become and remain a Gold or higher and get paid from 3% to 5% generational override on the Silver3 and higher ranks in your legs!!! Again - another huge incentive to reach a higher rank yourself and develop Silver3's in your legs up to 6 generations deep which can go down to unlimited levels in depth!!!

Unique and Mitigating Factors - Infinity Bonus and Global Pool

  • I love pools if they are shared properly and this plan keeps it simple and does just that... shares it properly. I love the idea of getting a little something from everyone in the company globally who makes a sale. Awesome. Everyone is in your downline when you qualify to get paid from a pool. And think about it... you can get paid on people who came in long before you joined the company when they place their next order. So very very cool. And finally the infinity bonus is excellent and simple and gives the leader who went the extra mile a way to earn from his organization very deep. Excellent.


This is a strong plan and basically an easy to understand straight forward plan... especially considering the product (food), the customer focus, and the multiple incentives built into the plan for becoming a Silver and developing Silvers in your legs!!! Anywhere in those legs. Cool. The Yevo Pay-Plan meets the needs of most any type of person who is a novice to the experienced veteran. Last but not least is the size of the market Yevo is in. Most opportunities can be compared to the size of a pebble to the size of the ocean. With Yevo... the potential and size of opportunity IS the ocean.

Note: Some of the mitigating factors that allow for enhancement or to make up for short-comings in ANY pay-plan is the upline support and help you receive with education, training, systems, and so forth. Please remember... no plan is perfect, no company is perfect, no upline or sponsor is perfect either.

(Please note this is copyrighted © 2014 material by Art Meakin 20141124.1 and can be used as long as it is used in its entirety and the author is acknowledged. Also, note that this is not a company approved or authorized explanation or review of the Yevo compensation plan. However, the author has the 1st Amendment Right to share his thoughts and opinions on the plan.)

Yevo Compensation Plan

Personal Bonus
25% - Retail Customer Orders
15% - Preferred Customer (PC) Orders

Preferred Customer (PC) Bonus
$40 - 4 PC + 300 PC Volume
$75 - 6 PC + 600 PC Volume
$200 - 10 PC + 1,200 PC Volume

First 30 Day Bonus
25% - earned for ALL orders (regular orders and fast-start packages) by personally enrolled representatives and customers during their first 30 days.
50% of PV is placed into rest of compensation plan.

Advancement Bonus
$250 - Silver1 Advancement Bonus
$250 - Matching Silver1 Advancement Bonus

Receive one-time bonus for achieving Silver1 within first three months. Receive a match when anyone personally enrolled achieves Silver1. Must be a Silver1 or higher rank in order to receive Match.

Unilevel Commission

Paid on Personal Volume (PV) produced from up to 7 compressed levels (via placement tree)
Downline Volume (DV) calculated to the bottom of all legs - 60% rule (via placement tree)
Active Leg is where anyone in leg does >=100 PV • PV based on Wholesale Distributor Price (1 to 1 ratio)
Minimum of 50% of the PV requirement must come from Customer Orders
Rank PV DV Legs Lvl-1 Lvl-2 Lvl-3 Lvl-4 Lvl-5 Lvl-6 Lvl-7
Crown 200 6,000,000 6 Active 10% 6% 6% 5% 4% 3% 2%
Presidential 200 3,000,000 5 Active 10% 6% 6% 5% 4% 3% 2%
Platinum3 200 1,000,000 4 Active 10% 6% 6% 5% 4% 3% 2%
Platinum2 200 400,000 3 Active 10% 6% 6% 5% 4% 3% 2%
Platinum1 200 150,000 3 Active 10% 6% 6% 5% 4% 3% 2%
Gold3 200 60,000 3 Active 10% 6% 6% 5% 4% 3% 2%
Gold2 200 24,000 3 Active 10% 6% 6% 5% 4% 3% 2%
Gold1 200 12,000 3 Active 10% 6% 6% 5% 4% 3% 2%
Silver3 150 8,000 3 Active 10% 6% 5% 4% 3% 2%  
Silver2 150 4,000 3 Active 9% 5% 4% 3% 2%    
Silver1 150 2,000 3 Active 8% 4% 3% 2%      
Bronze3 100 1,000 2 Active 7% 3% 2%        
Bronze2 100   2 Active 6% 2%          
Bronze1 100   1 Active 5%            

Team Building Bonus
Must be Silver1 or higher rank and paid
each month for each Silver1+ Leg (via placement tree)
Highest Leader in Leg

Leader Bonus
Paid on Silver3 and higher rank to unlimited depth (via enrollment tree)
This is a generational bonus which can pay to unlimited levels in depth.
Rank Gen-1 Gen-2 Gen-3 Gen-4 Gen-5 Gen-6
Crown 3% 3% 4% 4% 5% 5%
Presidential 3% 3% 4% 4% 5% 5%
Platinum3 3% 3% 4% 4% 5% 4%
Platinum2 3% 3% 4% 4% 4%  
Platinum1 3% 3% 4% 4%    
Gold3 3% 3% 3%      
Gold2 3% 3%        
Gold1 3%          

Infinity Bonus
Beginning with 7th Generation (via enrollment tree)
Crown 1%
Presidential 0.5%

Global Bonus Pool
Share in 1% of global company sales
Crown 8 Shares
Presidential 6 Shares
Platinum3 4 Shares
Platinum2 2 Shares
Platinum1 1 Share